Incidentally a Woman: Equality in Architecture

Thursday 10th November, 6:30-9pm

Limited capacity, book your place:

Sto Werkstatt brings together a panel of architects and journalists to address issues of equality in architecture on the symbolic date, calculated by the Fawcett Society, of Britain’s gender pay gap. The 10th November 2016 (a day later than last year) symbolises on average, when women effectively begin working for free until the end of the year.

Dr Harriet Harriss chairs a panel which will look at the career stories of both men and women within the architecture profession, to consider if alternative methods may be needed to promote equality in architecture. The aim of this event will be to draw up practical and actionable ideas for change, that each of us can take back and apply to our place of work.


Dr Harriet Harriss is an architect and author and leads the Architecture and Interior Design PhD programmes at the Royal College of Art in London. Her most recent publication ‘A Gendered Profession, the question of representation in placemaking,’ (RIBA, 2016), features the experiences of men and women, asserting the need to widen participation in architecture as a means to ensure the profession remains as diverse as the society it seeks to serve.


Julia Barfield, Director at Marks Barfield

Anthony Thistleton, Director at Waugh Thistleton.

Vinesh Pomal, Co-chair of RIBA’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum Architects for Change.


‘Incidentally a Woman’ has been developed as part of the current exhibition ‘Droplet’ by architects Bureau de Change which is on display at Sto Werkstatt. ‘Droplet’ takes the pioneering work of John Groom’s Flower Girls as a historical example of progress in gender equality.

The exhibition runs from 14th Oct – 16th Dec 2016





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